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About us

About us

Company Profile
   Sayal Crane Systems is a company established in 2000 that carries out projects, manufacturing, installation and after-sales services for overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes and lifting equipment.
Sayal Crane Systems has succeeded to be among the important companies of its sector with its qualified personnel, quality products and unconditional customer satisfaction. Our modern production facility with 8600 m2 closed area that consists of machining, lifting and travelling groups assembly lines, testing unit, furnace paint booth and steel construction-welding station.
Sayal Crane Systems, with its ongoing investments and R & D activities, produces safe and technological products; in this way, thanks to the technological innovations and advanced engineering studies, we continuously add value to our country and industry. 
Some of our service areas and products are:
• Electric wire rope Hoists.
• Overhead traveling cranes.
• Gantry cranes.
• Jib cranes.
• Process cranes.
• End-carriages.
• Transfer carts.
• Special design lifting systems.
• Crane electrical panels and automation systems.
 To produce solutions respecting the time and rights of our customers and following the latest technological development.
To provide continuous technical support and after sales service After-sales service support in the shortest time possible and in the most reliable way that can be offered. Contribute to the evelop our products with After-service disciplinary follow-up and customer evaluations
To make the principle of “Quality First”, faultless production, continuous development and best service awareness as an attribute in all our employees. 
We do our manufacturing according to current standards documented by the Republic of Turkey TSEK certificate; In the process of harmonization with the European Union, we have obtained the CE certificate of conformity, which is the certificate of our manufacturing in accordance with the European Standard as an indicator of our determination to be one of the leading companies in the Turkish Crane Industry, targeting the production in accordance with European standards.
Our Quality Policy
In line with our company's vision;
• Developing product quality by continuously developing and following up the latest developments in the sector and performing a production that exceeds customer expectations,
• To produce the most appropriate, accurate and economic solutions in the fastest way and to avoid any possible nonconformities,
• To be a reliable company in an understanding that meets the needs and expectations of the customer at the highest level,
• To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we are in, by ensuring the continuity of our quality understanding in order to achieve our quality targets in line with our policy,
• To provide all necessary training in order to reach our targets with our studies in line with our policy, to provide a suitable working environment and to be a family by supporting it with technology,
• To contribute to the national economy by increasing our experience and know-how,
• To provide customer satisfaction with employee satisfaction and service quality,
• To provide maximum communication and efficiency with system approach in process and management,
• Sustaining continuous improvement based on efficiency,
• Ensuring effective decision making by adding employees and suppliers to sustainable conditions,
• We are committed to ensuring the continuity of the quality management system as a management to instill leadership for all our employees through corporate governance based on strategies.
Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In line with the vision of our company, in accordance with the ISO 45001: 2018 standard;
  • In order to ensure the health and safety of employees, subcontractors, visitors and employees working outside the workplace in the workplace and its attachments, in accordance with the current OHS legislation and other requirements related to OHS, to have tools and Personal Protective Equipment, to ensure that they are used when necessary ,
  • To identify the risks that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace, to ensure the health, safety and social welfare of employees, visitors and subcontractors at all levels, to reduce any future material and moral losses that may arise for themselves and their families
    To identify and eliminate unsafe situations and movements that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and its attachments, possible accident risks, by making an effective risk assessment,
  • To educate our employees in the field of occupational health and safety and to ensure that they reach a good awareness of occupational health and safety,
  • Ensuring that subcontractors and visitors serving in the workplace comply with the rules on occupational health and safety set by Airclinic OSGB,
    Considering the development of the industrial world, to anticipate possible situations that may be encountered in the future, to constantly improve and to review our situation,
  • To make Airclinic OSGB an exemplary company in terms of occupational health and safety practices before affiliated institutions, chambers of industry and associations,
  • Our OHS policy is committed to ensuring the continuity of our OHS Management System established and implemented in this direction.