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Human Resources


We believe that human resources, which is one of the basic elements of intellectual capital, is one of the most important cornerstones of the business, covering the knowledge and skills of employees.

Our Human Resources policy is based on “developing practices that increase organizational commitment and instill a sense of belonging to the organization by managing and directing human resources correctly, with employees who specialize in their profession, are highly motivated, have social competence, and create added value”.

As Sayal Crane, our principles are;

  • To carry out the recruitment and placement processes conveniently by aiming to recruit the right person for the right job,
  • To be fair and honest with our employees in all processes and to create family awareness,
  • To maximize the morale and motivation of our employees, to offer equal opportunities and career development opportunities,
  • Preparing and implementing training needs analysis and necessary training programs,
  • To manage and direct the performance of our employees correctly and to reward the high performance as a result,
  • Creating an open and clear communication network,
  • To protect the personal rights of our employees,
  • To provide a healthy, safe, peaceful and ergonomic working environment,
  • Developing practices that will increase the job satisfaction of our employees and protect their work-life balance,
  • It is to implement human resources management practices that are always renewing themselves in the light of developing technology.